You should always consult with an attorney before speaking to law enforcement.  Many people careless and unknowingly give up their right to remain silent when discussing matters with law enforcement.  This mistake can and will cost you your freedom.  Take advantage of your Constitutional right to remain silent and hire a skilled lawyer to do the talking for you.

Hiring the right lawyer means hiring someone with the skills and experience to be effective as well as the diligence and loyalty to put the client’s priorities first.  Marlon Monroe has represented clients in criminal cases throughout the state and will fight to give your case the best resolution possible.


Driving Under the Influence (DUI) carries punishments that are both time consuming and expensive.  Most DUI arrests are also accompanied by a driver license suspension from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  The Monroe Firm represents clients in navigating through both the criminal justice system and the DMV administrative hearings.

Just because you have provided a blood or breath sample during a DUI stop does not mean that your case is hopeless.  Blood samples can be retested for accuracy.  The length of the stop as well as the time of your last drink can play a role how strong a case against you is as well as whether or not the stop itself was justified.  A keen lawyer will scrutinize every aspect of a DUI case to ensure you have the best fighting chance of resolving your case.


In 1996 California passed proposition 215 becoming the first state to legalize marijuana for medical use.  However, recreational use of marijuana is still unlawful in California and selling it, or even possessing marijuana with the intent to sell it, can subject an individual to felony charges.

The Monroe Firm has defended medical patients both with and without legal prescriptions.  Our Firm is also up to date on the recent developments in Oakland’s distribution of Medical Cannabis Permits for small businesses and can guide business owners through the application process.


Under California laws the punishment for crimes involving banned substances can vary greatly from citations to residential programs to prison incarceration, depending on the facts surrounding the arrest.

In any drug case a competent lawyer should search and identify areas where law enforcement may have acted inappropriately such as unlawful search and seizures, bogus informants, misled police reports, etc.

In such many instances, the law enforcement actions are cured through a motion to suppress evidence, which (if granted) more times than not, lead to a dismissal of the case in its entirety.  Whether your charged with simple possession of a controlled substance or large scale drug trafficking the Monroe Firm will utilize all of our resources to resolve your matter favorably.


The gun laws in California are some of the most restrictive in the United States.  California’s Assault Weapons Control Act bans firearms such as Uzi’s, AK-47s, AR-15s, and Bushmaster semi-automatic rifles.  However, individuals who registered an assault weapon with the California Department of Justice’s Bureau of Firearms before January 23, 2001, was effectively grandfathered in.

Gun laws are becoming increasingly more restrictive with the Gov. Brown signing of a half-dozen bills in July 2016 that regulate ammunition sales, ban large-capacity clips and quick-reloading devices and clamp down on lending weapons, among other things.  Contact our firm today to make sure you have the best defense to weapon charges.


Defendants charged with violent crimes typically have the greatest exposure to prison time.  Anyone charged with or suspected of committing a violent crime should never make any statements to authorities without the assistance of legal counsel.  Doing so could mean the difference between going free and spending years in a correctional facility.  The Monroe Firm represents clients in a wide range of violent crimes and is experienced and proven in getting positive results.


White-collar crime is a nonviolent crime committed for financial gain.  These crimes include embezzlement, securities fraud and money laundering to name a few.  Many district attorney offices have separate units that focus on these types of crimes.  White-collar crimes typically have paper trails that investigators follow.  Because of the nature of the crime, with the right representation, the outcome can be greatly influenced by a monetary contribution by a defendant.  The Monroe Firm has represented clients in wide range of white-collar crimes from insurance fraud, to In Home Support Services fraud, employee embezzlement and more.  Contact our offices immediately if you are suspected of committing a white-collar crime.


In California expungement is the process of reopening your criminal proceeding and reversing the conviction to a dismissal.  This allows you to truthfully state you have not been convicted of the expunged crime.  The expungement will not remove the criminal record, but will show the case as dismissed and no guilt found.  There are a number of factors in determining whether or not an individual is eligible for an expungement.  Contact our office today to find out if your criminal case can be expunged.


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March 2018– Alameda County Superior Court, Rene C. Davidson Courthouse (Oakland) – FELONY Case DISMISSED for client charged with CARRYING A CONCEALED FIREARM.

March 2017 – Alameda County Superior Court, Wiley Manuel Courthouse (Oakland) – FELONY Case DISMISSED for client charged with DRUG POSSESSION W/INTENT TO SALE.

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